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Dave was truly one of kind. I guy with vast knowledge and a dam good heart. I feel, felt, and will probably always feel saddened by his passing. He made all of us want to be a better person. Rest in peace Dave.

Rodney more than 6 years ago

Carpe Diem

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I can be reached via my Email: calicosoul@hotmail.com

Todd Calico more than 6 years ago

David Solomon

found out aboutt David's passing last week from my ex girlfriend. I lived around the corner from Daves store from 1993 to 1998 and he was my first and best friend in that wonderful metropolis. The alleys and adventures , people and ideas that weaved around me were all but a few the result of Daves sense of direction and zest for life. A clown with a savants insight into the mystery of existence, a guard at the ramparts of social injustice and a person who you never had to second guess. Vale, Solomon ,one of life's finest . I don't know you Todd but your remarks captured his spirit beautifully. Thankyou.

Phillip Wright. Melbourne/ Byron Bay

Phillip Wright. Melbourne/Byron Bay more than 5 years ago

Vale Dave

Dave,aka Ami Dave/Bookshop Dave/Bookstore Dave.depending on the location and how many other Daves were in the room at the time.His abrupt and untimely death broke hearts from Europe to America to Australia which sums up the impact this beautiful man had on his friends. Thankyou for the article Todd, in just a few words you managed to capture Daves great spirit. Berlin has lost one of its more interesting,authentic and charming characters, and we have lost a great Friend.Vale my old buddy,it was a good time we had and i will always treasure your friendship.

Sarah more than 6 years ago

RIP Dave

Dave was a supporter of anything literary or political. He was also a supporter of people in his community. It is with the deepest sadness that I read of his passing. I'm grateful that I had a chance to know him. It's tragic that he won't be around to share his wit and wisdom any longer.

Helena Prince more than 6 years ago

Dave R.I.P.

I have a funny memory of Dave. I was massaging Jeff Beck in Berlin at the Zitadelle. I went out into the crowd to watch his show. I was dating Rory at the time, a funny Ginger Brit. Rory was bending my ear, talking about this and that, we were about 5 rows from the stage, it was still light out and Rory was speaking rather loudly. Dave was standing right in front of us and he turns around and snaps at Rory and says "What's wrong with you? You do NOT speak during a Jeff Beck guitar solo!!" ha ha. Rory turned pink. It was fucking hilarious. God Bless Dave and his family, such a loss

Dr. Dot more than 6 years ago

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