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Police are bad?

Sorry but I just don’t believe the article. Never have I seen them treat anyone like that (except in extreme cases) or nothing like that has happened to anyone I know. Maybe I have been very lucky but in my 36 years I have never had any problems with the police and the ones I have met have been okay. Most of them are just people who are doing a job - not that well paid either for the amount of crap they have to put up with I imagine. Don’t get me wrong, there are some bad eggs but I am glad they are there to keep the idiots at bay. If you enjoy being able to go in relative security or simply enjoy the ability to be live in peace, then think about you say. BTW, I am not or do not work for the Police.

John O'Tool more than 11 years ago

Photos and Videos

While taking photos or videos of police action seems to be a good idea on first thought, you have to keep in mind the mentality you are facing when being confronted with those special kind of policemen (those because of whom you might think about taping them).

Most German policemen believe it to be forbidden to tape them. While that is obviously false information, I wouldn't suggest discussing with the police about THEIR rights. That's a safe way to spend a night in jail.

Thomas R. more than 11 years ago


I feel you, man but at least they didn't pull 2 glocks in your head like in new york.
fuck the police.

Julian more than 11 years ago

feelin' with ya

Something simular just happens last week to me, one of them even broke my nose..but there is no way to judge them cause i had alcohol in my blood..
but at least i could see that one cop out of 3 was embarrased for the other's behavior...

ps.: ( Iam german )

GdL more than 11 years ago


Sorry to hear about what happened to you, and no one deserves the treatment you received, however, could you elaborate on the accident, plz? "...when a German driver almost ran me over..." could mean a million different things, especially to a biased listener...

and I do second TB's advice re. video or photo documentation of the accident, works miracles sometimes!

alex more than 11 years ago

Berliner Polizei

With the incorporation of so many former (still) East Germans into the Berlin police force and a large number of "anti-foreigner" officers in uniform,
a rise in bias and bigotry is not surprising. Even though it is very difficult to do, nothing works likes a good video, photo or tape recording.

T.B. more than 11 years ago

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stocazzo more than 11 years ago

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