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Maybe there's an error?

Von Trotha was responsible for the famous ‘Hunnenrede’.... Wasn't this the Kaiser Wilhelm Zwo?

The mills of German tertiary education leaves me with this view on the world:

The concept of ethnicity has way too much power in peoples thinking. Start with humanity and results will be much better for most of us - except of course the ones which define, lead, exploit and make use of it.

Ethnicity is mythology. A creation of the human mind. A hyperbole of the family. Only a metaphor to explain the world - exchangeable - not real, if you are willing to let go. And just because it was there when you were born - and still is, it doesn't mean you have to define yourself according to its implications. Keep a distance while you can. Too often it is mission impossible though.

For example: What is left of our history if you take away the concept of nations and tribes, maybe even religion/churches?

I for my part have to admit I'm unable to provide a consistent story of such a past. It's possible though.

What bothers me most about the view on Africa's colonial past is the fact that its precolonial past is often presented as in a state of equilibrium. The advent of the conquistadors as a Pandora's box moment. Crime, greed, hunger, injustice, grabbing of land and all sorts of evil did not exist before.

In this case the Herero were driven off "their" land. Archeology suggests that the land in question here was inhabited by humans with a culture similar to the San - long before the Germans arrived herders supplanted them to the more arid surroundings. And it is for sure that even those San type people were not the first.

This San type culture covered the whole of todays Namibia for ages. At the advent of the 20th century their culture (descendants?) had almost vanished, and all without any European involvement.

History is a mess, particularly history based upon a concept of ethnicity. Fabricating claims from such history will not lead to more justice or peace!

A lottery for rights of land use is as justified as any historical claim of land. That's my humble opinion.

History more than 9 years ago

response to the above from Namibians

Kazenambo saga
*KAZENAMBO must be held accountable to his oath of office as a Minister. He must stop trying to erode freedom of speech, he must account for his over-expenditure on the Germany trip and he must stop inciting racism and tribalism. Please sir, lead by example!!!

*KAZENAMBO you were (the youth) our ‘man’, but you made an unwanted attack on a fellow Namibian! Simple question was asked: why we needed to send at great expense a delegation of over 60 people to Germany simply to bring the skulls back? We the Namibian people want answers.Who is the ‘bloody Boer’ in this independent Namibia? Please brother, pack your suitcase and move.

*WHEN Minister Jerry Ekandjo’s delegations to Cuba were cut by President Pohamba from 25 to 6, all the newspapers and taxpayers supported this action. The trip was seen as too expensive and a misuse of taxpayers money. But when The Namibian Sun reported about the Cabinet document which revealed that the trip to Germany had exceeded its budget by more than N$700 000, Minister Kazenambo exploded but didn't deny the overspending. The Minister was supposed to respond on the overspending, justify, explain and provide any proof to the nation. It was taxpayers money and we have also the right to know.
– Setho Uwanga

*PLEASE fire Kazenambo, he does not respect the Constitution.

*IN response to Mr Kazenambo's childish ‘vloermoer’ as reported on Nov 17 it sounds as if the late and unlamented Mr Juju in South Africa has found a copy cat and acolyte here in Namibia. ‘Bloody Boer’, ‘white arrogance’, ‘grab farms’ and to ‘hell with the Constitution’ are the same as what came out of the mouth of Malema and we all know what happened to him! Note to Kazenambo - reconciliation is a two-way street and with racist bigots around reconciliation in this country is still a long way off.

*WE support you KK. Africans have been humiliated for a long time. It’s the white people who brought all this mess into our culture. We need to be respected. Viva Kazenambo tell them my man. You are the son of the soil. Be brave and you must be respected.

*KAZENAMBO you are my respected young leader and I thought you would be our next president but this time you are a fake. Brother please just take those manners back where you picked them and get back to your normal self. I respect you and want to follow your footsteps but not for that.
– B Haushona

*KAZENAMBO anger management please. During elections they are our white counterparts, come the time of skulls they back to being the ‘boere’ we love to hate. It’s time our old people learn that this born free generation of both white and black Namibians doesn’t dance to their tune of racism and aparthied.
– From Castro X

*KAZENAMBO the youth are in poverty, their agenda’s are rotting on your table while you are busy fighting with whites.

jo more than 9 years ago

history repeats itself

Here in Namibia the story revolves around current issues.
17.11.2011, The Namibian Newspaper
Kazenambo goes ballistic

MINISTER of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Kazenambo Kazenambo yesterday verbally assaulted the editor of the Namibian Sun, Jan Poolman, for questioning the expenses on the repatriation of Namibian skulls from Germany.

The article which appeared in that newspaper was critical of expenses paid for the 65 delegates who went to Germany to receive the Namibian human remains of the genocide of 1904 to 1908.
Kazenambo said Poolman had been leaked a classified Cabinet submission but “twisted and distorted” the information in such a way that it appeared that he had interviewed him.
The article appeared on November 11, and was headed ‘Skulls repatriation mission costly’.
“He [Poolman] created a false impression as if he had conducted and interview with me. He never spoke to me,” said Kazenambo. “[All] that he has ascribed to me is false and a figment of his imagination, invention and manipulation.”
More importantly, said Kazanambo, it was insensitive of Poolman to question the expenses paid, which reportedly cost the Namibian taxpayer N$1,7 million.
“The bloody Boer has no sensitivity; he is still operating in a Koevoet mind,” railed Kazenambo. “He has no remorse over the killing and murder of the people of the country. He is only concerned about money.”
Kazenambo said the country would not spare a cent if restorative justice is pursued, saying that the restoration of dignity cannot be costed.
“He [Poolman] must keep his white arrogance to himself,” said Kazenambo, adding that “whites should not take reconciliation for granted”.
“This is buffoonery of the highest order of a perverted mind,” added Kazenambo. “The Sun newspaper must keep its buffoonery and hallucinations to itself.”
Kazenambo also took strong exception to the fact that Poolman was leaked a classified Cabinet submission on the matter, saying this creates an environment of mistrust within Government structures and undermines security.
Tearing up the newspaper edition in which the article appeared, Kazenambo said: “He’s a thief. The Sun newspaper is a bunch of thieves, criminals. They must stop their nonsense.”
He charged that Poolman had “stolen” the Cabinet submission, saying: “Journalists must know when they scratch too far.
“It is shocking, unbelievable and unspeakable that every week or the other the Sun newspaper publishes leaked Cabinet submissions.
“We will grab farms if they push this matter. We will push the Constitution aside if they scratch too far. Mark my words, give us time ... if they continue, we’ll also take some action to claim what is ours,” fumed Kazenambo.
Poolman declined to comment, saying the management of the Namibian Sun is still looking at all aspects of Kazenambo’s attack.[tt_news]=90105&no_cache

jo more than 9 years ago

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