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I found that the article on the Görlitzer park dealer really portrayed them as human beings with normal aims and desires something rare in reports on this subject, which is often just hijacked by German politicians and activists who forget that asylum seekers are actual people.

Trevor more than 9 years ago

some issues

Some people seem to have some issues here - to call 'nonsense' the experience of dozens of fellow Berliners (and one that as another 'non white' I have occasionally shared) - and the writer a 'liar', just because you don't want to be identified as a 'victim' ! It looks as if someone needs a serious shrink session! As for myself, I totally agree with most of the issues raised by the editor and those expressed by the many Berliners featured in the mag. Berlin is a nice place. No one wil deny that. Some Germans still have a problem with non-whites though and that's also a fact. Something that, as investigated by a few articles in the magazine, is stil apparent in the country's amnesia when it comes to its colonial past and lingering in many ways in today's mentalities and behaviours. I read there will be a panel discussion. Who will be there?

Clara more than 9 years ago

Tales from Gorli Park

Great issue, and lots of interesting points made here. The one exception is the piece about drug dealers in Goerlitzer Park. That had me cringing- seriously. It is like reading two pages of someone saying, "i have plenty of black friends!"

There would probably be a lot to glean from a month spent among the dealers in the park, but unfortunately, in casting them as religious saints and public servants, the author didn't seem to learn much. These are just guys- some of them are jerks, some of them are even violent (just check the weekly fights) but mostly they are normal people trying to make a buck. By casting such an uncritical glance- both on the dealers and the cops- the exercise of trying to look past skin-color and profession becomes totally pointless. The racist and anti-immigrant folks in Berlin are equally un-nuanced in their characterizations.

It would have been great to explore the problem of asylum seekers not being able to get a job, of failed drug policies, or even more about the guys themselves but unfortunately this is a totally squandered opportunity that is just embarrassing to read.

That said, the quality of your articles is normally solid and I will continue to buy the mag- just wanted to get that off my chest.

T more than 9 years ago



Funny how even the tired ubiquitous urban legend of the old lady and the tribe passes muster in this despicable ideological victimhood-mongering rag.

Berliners are incredibly tolerant people. I'm not white and I've been residing here for decades - nothing similar to the nonsense detailed here ever occurred to me or to the members of my community.

Cl more than 9 years ago

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