Hitler’s little-known American Dream



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NSDAP says it all

Of course his ideology included „left” ideas: just break down the party’s name: national socialist worker’s party. However, not for all, just for the Herrenrasse. Luckily, Trump did not get that part...

Wolf of Oakland more than 1 year ago

Best article I have read on ExBerliner so far

Excellent read! Good questions, great answers, truly interesting. Kudos to both the author and the journalist

Cam more than 1 year ago

Super interesting

Thanks for this perspective!

Gosia more than 1 year ago

Hitler's American Dream

This article is well worth a read - concise, explaining the arguments in easily digestible terms and offering a different perspective. Well done Madeline Pollard and of course Brendan Simms

Mark M more than 1 year ago

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