La Belle: When a Berlin disco was bombed

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La Belle bombing

I was in the club with my boyfriend a Vietnam veteran, the night of the bomb. Due to fight I left 20 minutes before the explosion walking home to my walk up at friedrich wilhem platz in friedenau. I heard and felt the explosion. One of the bouncers, who also worked the door at the checkpoint club, saved many lives by standing in the rubble holding up part of the ceiling until firefighters arrived. I shall never forget. My friends and I went to the clubs mentioned here. The checkpoint and shalamar, the starlight. I was 16 when I first started going out and 19 when the bomb went off. The clubs and the American military world in Berlin were unique and shaped my life's forever. We lived in the shadow of the past and an enemy across the wall who watched and spied on us every day. Yet we were free and part of something bigger. We were Army first and proud Berliner both, regardless of race or nationality . We danced on a razor thin wire in the face of total destruction and we have never been freer, more optimistic or more American.

Christiane 169 days ago

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