Save Berlin: Underground prophet



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Going Underground

Great article Dan, and something to look out for. Despite the global economy the late 1970s were a high watermark for European Underground designs - London's Tottenham Court Road, the Vienna system and Rummler's that you identify

Miles more than 3 years ago

Beauty on the U-bahn

Cool article! I'm always astonished to hear that people would complain about subway stations that are "too opulent" - even Rümmler at his most extravagant has got nothing on the Moscow metro! In any case, within a narrow, underground environment that can easily become a drab and depressing postmodern hell, I think it's important to pay a bit of attention to aesthetics. Rümmler's stations along the U8 north to Wittenau are similarly colorful and worth the ride to check out.

Edmund Meinerts more than 3 years ago

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