Excerpt: How Berlin went from almost bankrupt to techno capital

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Narrative, Narrative, Narratives

The Germans do love their narratives. Sadly enough, the many German narratives floating around out there are mainly false.

As if Berlin isn’t a city still on welfare. You think all of the cranes that have been fixtures in Berlin for over a decade have been there because Berlin has some relevant industrial base to speak of? Or maybe the biggest in industry in Berlin (and lowest paid) which is based on services is responsible for the development?

I’m amused.

As if Berlin still isn’t a city that survives and grows because of welfare (mainly the east tax which is funneled primarily to Berlin).

As if the two bit, fly by night start ups that at here today and bankrupt tomorrow are fueling this growth.

As if Berlin is the “hipster capital of the world” and not NYC (not that being a hipster capital is anything special).

As if Berlin isn’t some cheap, two bit, drab and dreary imitation, wanna be NYC. (You Berliners try so hard!)

As if there was something innovative going on in Berlin that anyone will be talking about 10-20 years from now especially in light of this apparently endless lockdown.

I want something real, I’m tired of the damn narratives, but I guess that’s too much to ask from a German!

“Germans Act As If”:


Cringeworthy Germany 236 days ago

Nice article

but it looks like it has been written pre-corona time. shit won't be the same for the night culture in berlin from now on

svet 278 days ago


Of course it was written pre-Corona - the clue (for those who have eyes and like to use them) is the date at the top: December 17, 2020

Ossiebee 229 days ago

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