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and in 2017?

One thing that isn't discussed is what may happen in 2017 when DB will loose the rights to operate our S-Bahn.

What everyone's expecting is that the BVG will buy and operate the entire network. Of course by then a one way ticket may cost €10, but who knows... the future may not be so bleak.

Shiny Flu more than 11 years ago

World Class, Yes !

No doubt, Berlin´s transport infrastructure is one of finest on this planet...

Next year it´ll become complete when the new airport opens.

Lear more than 11 years ago

new airport?

or NOT ;)

ES more than 7 years ago

New airport 2017

And still not in 2017. But at least the rest of the public transport system delivers.

As a visitor who covets the Berlin system, I just wish Berliners would give credit where credit is due...even a little credit would be nice.

An update on this story would be nice too. It's been 7 years after all.

Richard Ure more than 3 years ago

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