Berlin's famous wastelands: Then and now

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I have to agree

... with hashbrown triggerd and jane - sloppy research and bad comparisons.
Not a helpful article for those of us you are really interested in the transformation of Berlin's urban form. For those who are I can highly recommend a book called "Berlin Now" by Peter Schneider. No images, but fascinating stories and insights.

Cait 141 days ago

"The Sky over Berlin"?

The English title of Wenders "Der Himmel über Berlin" is "Wings of Desire"

Korinthen Kacker 161 days ago

too bad - missed opportunity

many of these images for whatever reason use totally different angels creating a false narrative. though the article might have its merits but I didn't bother reading it, especially after seeing the photos and realising you are also engaged in a form of propaganda.
some examples
LPG Mehringdamm has been around for way longer than 2015 so the before picture is some other angle.
Stalauer Halbinsel before is at the entrance and the after is at the point; yes, it was developed but the images are about 1k apart.
Nordbahnhof before image is the Mauerstreifen, die after image is the s-bahnhof that has been around since ? about 100 years...

too bad. these comparisons are awful. massive negative shout out to your editors and research team.

also, if you got an aerial shot before, why not get that as the after as well ?!?

oh, worst example EVER - Topography des Terrors. the before image shows the wasteland where the museum now resides and the after image is of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, which we can thank Goering for. its more of Front / Back view than Before and After. this is actually the most shameful one.

hashbrown triggerd 161 days ago

yes - bad comparisons

Thank you for pointing this out — I thought the same. The two that stood out to me were the "Spreeufer" and "Cuvrystraße" examples. The before and after aren't just different angles, they're not even the same spots.

jane 161 days ago

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