From the editor: "Why I give a shit about the Assange trial."



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Doing a document dump does not make you a journalist.

Nor does attempting to use the confusion to created by the dump to create false narratives that help authoritarians. Maybe for Fox News it does.

Lefty Gonzales more than 1 year ago

What does make you a journalist ?

Well, if you actually knew anything about wikileaks (a publishing portal) you'd know that they don't "dump". But come to think of it, what does make u a journalist ? Interviewing people ? Nope, that's an interviewer. Reading a prompter on the evening news ? Nope, that makes u a prompter reader. Commenting on the news ? Nope, Commentator. Redacting press agency cables ? Nope, redactor. And all of a sudden, one realizes that very very few "journalists" are entitled to be qualified as such. And lo and behold, they all defend and support Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

V. Dedaj more than 1 year ago

Supporting the right to know

It is truly disappointing that journalists who take the high ground on other issues are showing so little interest in this case. Just as the rule of law is a standard, so is morality. Is the the US press in particular silent because of the role they played in talking up the Iraq war? The media is strangely quiet about the role played by the leaders of the US, UK and Australia who took us to war based on lies and who now all sleep happily in their beds.

Richard Ure more than 1 year ago

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