The great depression: Berlin’s millennials in crisis



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can relate

Living in Berlin in a single apartment, working remotely and being single, I can relate so much to this article, to everyone who is experiencing the same - stay strong. Both good and bad times pass.

V 160 days ago


I would love to drop you in a new city where you know nobody and are not allowed to go anywhere to meet anyone and see how long it takes you to want to throw yourself in front of a car.

my name 197 days ago

what did i do?

u mean that a*hole matt?

dee 195 days ago

Big respect

Wish everybody strength and if anybody reading this needs somebody to hang with, we can go for a walk down the canal anytime.

Traditional conceptions of privileged existence are really challenged by this novel circumstance. Upwardly mobile millennials have many choices, but the bedrock of well being does not lie in free time, multiple sexual partners and credit card purchases. It might be a lesson that the hedonistic and self absorbed lifestyle that Berlin facilitates is not robust. A lack of familial ties and proximity, a laxidasical attitude to friendship loyalty and reliability and focus on spontaneity are all tropes that I have observed in the ex-pat community here since 15 years. I forged by way out of that culture and into a more german middle class circumstance.
Isolation is one of the most psychologically damaging things for most people, and upwardly mobile millennials who moved away from their family and don't have strong social ties here are really at risk.

Luu 198 days ago

Never laughed so hard

"“I had no boyfriend, not even a friend with benefits. So what for? And why am I working out?” Still, Hanna speaks with disappointment about her recent weight gain. “These are my last good years to find a normal guy, settle down and have children, to work and travel, and yet Corona is taking them away from me. I’ve never even been to an FKK beach to show off my body before it gets all saggy.” The worst of it, she says, is that she hasn’t touched another human being since last August. “Dating has become too difficult – and too weird.”

Thank you for curing my depression with this insane article

Matt 204 days ago


laughing at suicidal people..

dee 202 days ago

Guess you’re having none either

LOL! Matt sounds like all the d**kheads on online dating apps; you’re probably just sexually frustrated as no woman would risk touching your type in a pandemic. Best of luck mate!

Dirk 201 days ago

Relativising suffering...

I get you, sympathising with middle class upwadly mobile young people is counterintuitive - that's why this article is so interesting.

I'm glad you have a sense of humor, but the butt of your joke is somebody who is suffering from loneliness, hopelessness and psychological pain. I'd suggest taking the afternoon and visiting a hospital and laughing at people with bone fractures. Hilarious.

Luu 198 days ago

The old days made love real

Women today are nothing at all like the old days when they use to be the very complete opposite of today, and real ladies as well which made love in those days very easy to find.

Guest 138 days ago

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