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Allotment gardens or a park. But if they have to build an actual structure, they should go for low cost housing or yeah, a modern school for the kiddies.

Daina more than 10 years ago

Status quo?

Does there have to be anything? Can't people just leave the city alone? So it's prime real estate with nothing on it. I just love that idea on it's own. Prime real estate that people probably already use. Leave it that way. I hate all this development going on in Berlin. It's destroying the natural feeling of the city and is only going to make it more expensive and see greedy pigs creaming off profits. So we don't want that, but do we have to want anything? Is anything needed? I vote for the status quo. Then no-one damages anything.

Nick Woods more than 10 years ago


As one of those 'media/creative types' I never really saw a genuine point to the "Canary Wharf-isation" of the Spree. Sure, it's nice to have industry in one area, but to be honest, most probably couldn't afford the rent in a med-high rise office block along the Spree. The media industry is not the same as London's Financial sector.

I think it just shows how out of touch Klaus is. He's as much a 'socialist' as Obama a republican. In the recent reports of 20% rent rises (over the last 3 years in the 'in' areas) Klaus was quoted as saying that it's a good thing for Berlin; a reflection that Berliners' incomes are increasing. My income has increased, but not by 20% and not because of general inflation - I actually asked for a raise and my employer deemed that I was worth it. Not to mention that the recent decline in unemployment is due to part-time work (a normally underpaid sector).

Mix in the whole Wassertisch failure that Klaus and his red friends have put their name on... one can only hope that a more sensible coalition is formed by election's end.

Simon more than 10 years ago

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