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As a Nazi, I am offended that you are making fun of my beloved Führer

More proof that Berlin is a decadent, Communist metropolis run by Jews. And to be sure I gonna spread the word about this.

Heinz more than 9 years ago


Dear Cobra, you are so insanely wrong. HH is in fact a very smart comic taking the piss of both Hitler and obnoxious hipsters - produced by people in New York and Bangalore. People have been doing Hitler satire forever, from Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator to that terrible German Hitler comedy that came out in 2007, so what on earth is your problem?

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

"ironic Führer" - wtf?

My friends, Hipster Hitler is really not funny. Just sayin. Did any of you people even think about how offensive this is? I will not buy your shit ever again. And to be sure I gonna spread the word about this..

Cobra more than 9 years ago

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