Theatertreffenblog: Faust in Ethnic Drag?




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lola & bilidikid

Have you seen Lola & Bilidikid? Speaks exactly into this topic, it's use of space showing the separation between Berlin and it's sub-sub-culture (Turkish, transvestite cabaret). Quite shocking, but very well done indeed.

Elaine more than 9 years ago

Hinterm Horizont

The thing is, though, the guy who plays Udo is white, basically - I mean, a lot of Turks, are, to be honest, a lot of Turks look totally German and a lot of Germans look Turkish, think Moritz Bleibtreu - but I don't think most of the people who go to watch Hinterm Horizont even realize Udo's not being played by a German. I just saw it on Sunday, and I certainly didn't.

But I still think you're onto something. The most non-German acting I've seen on stage - like, for the most exciting roles - has been in tacky musicals, when I think about it. Johnny from Dirty Dancing was played by an Eastern European, I thought it brought a really realistic dynamic into their class struggle, actually.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

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