Theatertreffenblog: Faust in Ethnic Drag?




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lola & bilidikid

Have you seen Lola & Bilidikid? Speaks exactly into this topic, it's use of space showing the separation between Berlin and it's sub-sub-culture (Turkish, transvestite cabaret). Quite shocking, but very well done indeed.

Elaine more than 10 years ago

Hinterm Horizont

The thing is, though, the guy who plays Udo is white, basically - I mean, a lot of Turks, are, to be honest, a lot of Turks look totally German and a lot of Germans look Turkish, think Moritz Bleibtreu - but I don't think most of the people who go to watch Hinterm Horizont even realize Udo's not being played by a German. I just saw it on Sunday, and I certainly didn't.

But I still think you're onto something. The most non-German acting I've seen on stage - like, for the most exciting roles - has been in tacky musicals, when I think about it. Johnny from Dirty Dancing was played by an Eastern European, I thought it brought a really realistic dynamic into their class struggle, actually.

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

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