Letter from Catalonia: Article 155



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Not balanced reporting

I agree with James, the series of articles about Cataluña published here are incomplete, partial pro-independence and pro-nationalist.

What the events have been consistently showing in Cataluña is that polarisation is wide and there are clearly two blocs: pro-independence and anti-independence. None of them have the legitimacy or the numbers to impose their agenda and vision to the other. The Catalan Government imposing an independence to more than half of the population that is not in favour of independence is one of the most disastrous events in the democratic history in Spain.

The obvious consequence was for them to be arrested. And now they play victims twisting the reality. But I guess when you have been playing victim for so long you forget you actually are responsible of your acts.

Anyway, I hope that in the future the author of these series of articles shows a more balanced fact-based vision of what is going on, with analysis of Spanish law, numbers, etc. instead of a personal biased vision of the issue, which we have more than enough out there published.

N.M.V. more than 2 years ago

How about some real on the ground reporting?

This piece is mainly a summary of widely available news seen through separatist sympathising eyes rather than any serious on the ground reporting. The constant attempts to paint Rajoy (who I loathe) as the new Franco is a cheap shot, worthy of lowlife demagogues like Trump, not a serious journalist.

Rajoy has been backed into a corner by the illegal actions of the separatists into evoking article 155, what other choice did he have? To be a leader who let his country disintegrate due to the illegal actions of a minority (judged by popular vote not seats) separatist coalition who ignored the legally binding constitution that previous generations of Catalans had signed rather than try & change the situation via dialogue & negotiations? The last thing Rajoy ever wanted to do was evoke article 155, he, along with every other Spanish prime minister since 1975, has been more than happy to let Catalunya get along managing it's own affairs - politically, culturally & financially. The spectre of "returning to life under the thumb of Spanish rule" is simply separatist fearmongering to garner support. The other Spanish regions & the Spanish themselves wouldn't allow it for a start, democracy was hard won & deeply treasured.

Rajoy is backed not only by the overwhelming majority of elected Spanish officials across the spectrum, he is backed by every European & most worldwide leaders. There has been a deafening silence when the separatists have looked around the globe for support. I believe that new elections are the only fair and equitable way forward now that the nationalists fully realise the importance of electoral participation, something they most certainly didn't during the previous de-facto election/referendum. Even the separatist politicians have now U-turned and backed the elections with Mireia Boya, the CUP deputy stating "we see now that not everything was not ready".

Puigdemont's place in history is far from written. From my "one world, no borders" viewpoint he is a leader that split his region in two, divided friends and families and, if the capital flight continues, probably wrecked the regions economy. Time will tell but it is interesting that he is now residing and possibly seeking asylum in Belgium to avoid any legal repercussions. It looks like his principles only go so far & don't involve personal risk or sacrifice. Funnily enough it reminded me of Nigel Farage who, after being the Leave figurehead, resigned after he had caused Brexit & left others to pick up the pieces.

I am feeling compelled to comment on these articles as I disagree strongly with the picture of my once happy home being portrayed. Could I suggest that future pieces consist of interviews with pro and anti separatists, businesses, tourists, foreign residents to get a better, more balanced picture of what is going on & the possible repercussions?

Now let's see what happens in the elections. Things will get really interesting if the separatists win a clear majority!

James more than 2 years ago

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