A Modern Rose: Chicken Schnitzel with a Modern Twist



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Poor Joel, his sense of humour seems to have abandoned him today. I'm sure most if not all of "A Modern Rose's" comments were made tongue in cheek.

Sven Weichbrodt more than 8 years ago

Great idea!

I love the sound of the wasabi mixed into the cucumber salad - sounds spicy!

Jenny more than 8 years ago

Better than never ending kartoffel salat

Looks tasty, I would try it. Would be better than the usual kartoffel and stuff.

Andrew more than 8 years ago

This is patronising and sad

"This is fusion cooking at its best" -- come on love, you made a cucumber salad with some basic ingredients. This wasn't even "fusion cooking at its best" in 1995. Please stop patronising us.

Joel more than 8 years ago

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