A Modern Rose: 'English Style' Fish and Chips



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I do not own a deep fat fryer (which would take less time and will be more crisp) and prefer not to cook with a pan full of oil. Pan-frying it is a great way for everyone to easily cook some home made fish and chips. I quite like the way it crumbles onto the plate and is lightly crisp on the outside but soft inside.
If you want to deep fry it then that also tastes great. I also sometimes oven bake mine :)

Rose Silford more than 7 years ago

Pan-frying batter

Pan-frying seems to make the whole point of batter pretty redundant? Fish should steam within the batter shell for textural contrast. Like this the batter will mostly crumble off - may as well just flour it.

Tommy Tannock more than 7 years ago

Scotch eggs

Haha this is good! I had the black pudding scotch eggs when I was in Liverpool. Plus all ingredients are readily available at a German supermarket. It's a winner!

Rose Silford more than 7 years ago

Scotch eggs

My little brother can make scotch eggs. Or rather a variation called Manchester eggs:


Benjamin Knight more than 7 years ago


Yeah I miss those! And sausage rolls. Will have to do a picnic theme once the weather picks up again!

Rose Silford more than 7 years ago

scotch eggs

you should do one for scotch eggs next

jacinta more than 7 years ago


Glad you like the recipe! And I highly recommend Der Fischladen. Make sure you are really hungry as the portions as big :)

Rose Silford more than 7 years ago

As a fellow expat, all I can say is - thanks so much for the recipe (and the tip about Der Fischladen)!

KT Bosse-Foy more than 7 years ago

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