A Modern Rose: Goats Cheese Wrapped in Parma Ham



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Not just for Valentine's Day...

Jacinta, it doesn't just have to be eaten on Valentine's day :)

Rose Silford more than 6 years ago

it is really weird because

I don't even like goat's cheese but when I had been newly dumped they were selling these goat's cheese wheels in a Speckmantel in Lidl and when I looked at them I started crying coz I thought that my ex would really love to eat them. But I don't actually think he would've done. Can you do a vegan dinner? I owe someone dinner and I am too poor to take them out so am gonna cook for them. Like something like a roast dinner.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago


It's shit, never do another Valentine's Day recipe ever, thanks

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

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