A Modern Rose: Meat Pie



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Puff Pastry

Yeah the blatterteig that Rose recommends is a good substitute...if i can't find that though I sometimes by a pitta bread and toast it incredibly lightly (just enough to puff it out a bit so you can cut it in half). Then just place that on top of the meat filling for a couple of mins at the end - like I say not a perfect substitute but we all know how hard it is to find pastry in Berlin.

Paul more than 7 years ago


tried that Pitta reciepe Paul....what to say...pretty strange putting a pitta on top of meat but it kind of works!!!! i ended up giving it to my girlsfriends parents when they came over..needless to say they were impressed...i told them it was a traditional german reciepe though lolz :)

janine4dancinqueen more than 7 years ago

Puff Pastry

Thanks for the tip! Tried to make some at home the other week, what a disaster...

KT more than 7 years ago

Puff Pastry

I buy the ready rolled 'blatterteig' from the fridge section from either Kaisers, Edeka or Rewe. The Edeka in the Alexa is usually well stocked and I often buy it from my local Rewe in the Kulturbraurei in p'berg. They always have a load in stock.
Have fun making the sausage rolls. Perfect for this picnic weather at the moment :)

Rose more than 7 years ago

Puff Pastry

Any tips on where to buy puff pastry in Berlin? I've been looking to make some sausage rolls, but haven't found any decent pastry at my Netto/ReWe/Chinese grocers.

John more than 7 years ago

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