Jacob Sweetman's World Cup: Gerd vibrations



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Some good points made

German injuries are the key for an England win on Sunday. It does pain me to say this, however, that is the simple truth of the matter.

Pace is the trick on the wings. Attack attack attack.
The German Mannschaft don't like it up them...... unlike poor Ashley..... if those rumours are to be believed..... which they aren't.


Butcher Pat more than 11 years ago


I'd like to se EBJT crying.... come on the germans

fat frank more than 11 years ago


Lets face it, it's got penalties written all over it, although neither keeper looks all that great so it'll be down to big JT to continue the tradition of wildly smashing the vital kick into some poor vuvuzela tooting fan's face in row z.

Ahh you can just see the tear stained face on the front page of the Sun already

Gordon more than 11 years ago

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