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Proving the point

Jacinta, I hate to say that to anybody, but you are completely fucking right. Etiquette is the opposite of being sincere and that is a good thing, too. Nobody makes a comprehensive assessment whether he actually wants the person approaching to have a nice day or not. You say "Guten Tag" and that's fucking it.
"Now it's not the time to think" is probably sincere of people for whom it is hardly ever time to think due to lacking capacity to do so, it's still a hard line to get laid upon.
However, I have to defend Mr. Knigge. He did not give a flying duck about "Gesundheit" or who should wash his hands first after lynching the personell. That is a die-hard-myth. Knigge wrote about tolerance and how it is the foundation of social well-being among people, a lesson that your critics could well learn.

Jakob more than 10 years ago

@Don't sell yourself short Mama

Yeah but now is really not the time to think

ROFLATOR more than 10 years ago

Don't sell yourself short Mama,

Of course you can come up with something crappier and less funny-- this column proves that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

poor etiquette more than 10 years ago

humourless germans

Stany more than 10 years ago


Ha, true - however, I guess the main difference is that Judy literally asked for it before being whined at.

Here's something I could whine about EVERY SINGLE DAY:

Mike more than 10 years ago

lazy translators

To be honest, I can't help wondering whether the Paddington bear translators aren't just being lazy fuckers. I mean, all the Germans I know are always whingeing on about their health or feeling really tired coz of the weather etc. etc. Or maybe they just missed those lines out by accident?

Yacinta more than 10 years ago

'Hallo Mrs Bird,' said Judy. 'How's the rheumatism?'”

There was a rather insightful article on BBC recently "What Paddington tells us about German v British manners"
I mean – given that elucidating 'sexual etiquette' between you Germans and you Anglo-Saxons is already hard enough, maybe starting with 'simple etiquette' first would do...

Mike more than 10 years ago

Growing things

Those people have to grow so many body parts, they're probably all blubber. They probably look like seals.

Benjamin Knight more than 10 years ago

"Now it's not the time to think"

I guess that what the Germans mean when they call somebody schlagfertifg

LoisL. more than 10 years ago

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