Amok Mama: Angela Merkel is a sexy lady



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good tits

She does have seriously good tits for a woman of her age. I thought the Germans were really hypocritical about that, they were all like: is she even a woman? And then when she showed some cleavage they were all like: das geht gar nicht.

Yasinta more than 8 years ago


She has a nice rack though.

dave more than 8 years ago

Yeah but

isn't it terrible that saying "Hey it is okay that there is a woman you don't wanna stick your dick into, actually" is sticking up for middle-aged women. Like what the fuck? I mean, there are so many ugly male politicians. There are some hot ones, too, Schröder, Clegg, Gysi - but there are so many mingers, Westerwelle, that Turkish one, all of them. Are we complaining? No. I mean I complained about Munterfering once, but he was really especially minging.

Yacinta more than 9 years ago


Thanks for standing up for middle-aged women!!!

Helena more than 9 years ago


Very good esp the conclusion but then for a long time I've been a bit in love with Angie's intellect and her abliity to screw Sarko and Davi.

CJ more than 9 years ago


always wanted to snog the Iron Lady. A mega-cougar. Angie, though. I just don't know.

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

der nagel und der kopf

liebe jacinta,
du hast den nagel auf den kopf getroffen mit deiner analyse. thank you for the article, really enjoyed reading it !! liebe grüße, s

Stefan Fuhrmann more than 9 years ago

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