Amok Mama: Cucumber versus crisps



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...beat the mouthfeel of Walkers salt n vinegar

Maurice T Frank more than 10 years ago

Constabler's note

Dear Dr. Nandi, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject, it brought to mind the memories of many splendid evenings with lively discussions among us chaps at the clubhouse. The only teenie-weenie question mark (I dare not call it a problem) with your written statement seems to me the overdistinguished language. Why not use the words of the common man? Write "bugger" if bugger is what has to be said. This may not get you the approval of other royals such as Grace or lala land, but you might reach the teeming masses.
Sincerely, J. K. B. Singlemalt-Curlington

Jakob more than 10 years ago


Very much enjoyed the mention of my favourite south coast seaside resort here. I was addicted to cucumbers as a kid though.

Benjamin Knight more than 10 years ago

curse, swear, fuck shit etc

would be far better without all the expletives

lala land more than 10 years ago

amok mama

So the concept of this blog is to cram in as many foul words as possible to make it so very funny?

Grace more than 10 years ago

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