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This text is a bit more serious than the usual stuff and also less waffling. Has a nice flow. Keep up the good work! :)

Eva more than 10 years ago

Right on sista

Amen. I've met kids from a realschule here in xberg, and it's a totally different vibe. They generally have such a disregard for respect for others and others' property, because they are disrespected in the schools, and then the school officials are most likely (taking an educated guess here) not giving a shit because it's just a job, and like any typical coward German workers with poor work ethics, they're just clock watching.

One of the few things that I still love in the states, is that occasionally you have passionate individuals who really care and have the balls to stand up to such a system, and would go into an inner city school and start a program there, trying to basically "rescue" kids, steer them away from a desolate future.

El Magico more than 10 years ago

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