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and not only that, H.

Yes, he did a talkshow while soldiers were risking their lives. He also used dead soldiers as glue between his ass and the minister's chair when he made his first statement to the press. I paraphrase, but it went something like, "mistakes have been made and I'll temporarily not use my title, okay? The rest is between me and the university and I won't be answering any more questions because I have a job with enormous responsibilites, as we have again seen this very day (when 3 German soldiers died in Afghanistan), so I must do this job with all my strength."
That's what I found most disgusting. I don't believe in honest politicians anyway, but that was just too slimy for words.

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago


all that counts is a paper wich says something, not that you can do something what's not written down, that is unimaginable.

And Guttenberg? I don't care about the trustworthiness when it comes to his phd...but yeah the poor German soldiers dying down there and he? He's doing showmanship with his wife and to make things worse they are doing a fucking talk show down there! This is reason enough to resign. Better not resign but kicking him...but nooo the stupid people love him... still...

H. more than 10 years ago

You are correct

I am not forced to read it. But I click the link every time out of morbid curiosity. Will this article be as awful as the last one? The answer is always yes.

geh bitte weg more than 10 years ago


your own advice, geh bitte weg. No one forces you to read it. I for my part would miss something.

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago

how painful

Why do you continue to publish this rubbish from Amok Mama?

geh bitte weg more than 10 years ago


now that he has his PhD, those without a PhD think he's better than them and thus he can do what he wants. Besides, he totally feels sorry for himself, the whiner. Did you hear him? Oh, I spent seven years painstakingly composing my thesis, WHILE being a full-time politician and WHILE being a young father and in addition, now I have a really importand job where people DIE all the time and I'm responsible and you really expect me to ever answer those Erbsenzählers while people are DYING? Whiner AND disgusting.

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago

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