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Thanks for the input. You can always be counted on for a balanced view, Mr. Breivik.

Benjamin Knight more than 10 years ago

Mario Barth

I think anyone speaking up for Mario Barth, deserves the worst fucking disease possible... He is such an überc*nt, no matter from which angle one looks at it.
And you, you deserve really a lot worse than getting a loaded gun inserted up one, or all, of your orifices and then having the trigger pulled by a spastic with epilepsy. You are vile and so is your taste and viewpoint. And for your information, I am NOT German and I have some mega-successful mates, so, there go your "theories" straight out of the window.

Ulrike Meinhof more than 10 years ago


True - on account of Mario Bath and Charlotte Roche and all these so-called stars. I actually read Charlotte's first book and didn't see the alleged taboo-breaking at all. All I saw is not very exciting narration and a very simple language (not very 'sexy' to me). But what you saw in media was Teutonic "Empörung". If I were to get worked up over such bollocks all the time, I'd have a stomach ulcer the size of a melon...

Mike more than 10 years ago


Who's Mario Barth?

Odot Kdot more than 10 years ago

You are right

about the Germans' hatred for successful Germans. Just look at how they are falling over themselves to shit on Charlotte Roche lately. Why? Apparently, because she is successful and "cute" and decided to write about sex. Some of her loudest detractors have admittedly not even read her books.

mario barth jr more than 10 years ago

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