Amok Mama: German health myths

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Raw potatoes

they're not good for you, though, are they?

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


I met a German guy who was seriously convinced that you can die from eating raw potatoes. i thought it was so Germanly sweet

ganz egal wo more than 8 years ago


Well - I know that fear of a draught is a thing in Germany, but I really haven't heard it in a very long time. At least not in a way that implied health risks over discomfort (my mom just gets cold feet from it) I also didn't know that the burnt bits on toast give you cancer. I always scrape them off but only because they taste nasty. Bottom line: Those are all true, but not really all that pervasive, outside of old folks.

Feathers McGraw more than 8 years ago

and if that was not enough ...

... after I wrote this story and published it, all the German guys tried to beat Jörg in beeing the Germannest. Like that guy who posted a link just to prove that this charred bit on food really do favour cancer: nice read, thanx :D

Andreas more than 8 years ago

fear of draughts

And how about the rumor that exposing your stomach gives you cystitis? They sell little wraps for your waist designed to keep your stomach from being exposed to cystitis-causing cold air. Its total nonsense, and maybe even sort of slut-shamey...

T more than 8 years ago

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