Amok Mama: Going PROPERLY veggie



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The real problem

is that you ate at the Imbiss in the Neukölln Arkaden. Blech!

Aryn Fine more than 9 years ago

Good on you

It's not easy, but ethical choices rarely are - everyone would be vegetarian if it was easy, I reckon.

Emilia more than 9 years ago

Seriously, where can I get the bacon sandwich in the photo.

It is a fine advertisement for the pork industry.

Fleshman more than 9 years ago

Lovely picture

That is the most beautiful bacon sandwich I have ever seen.

Benjamin Knight more than 9 years ago

Tis easier

to be a vegetarian than a flexitarian. I reckon.

Yacinta more than 9 years ago

Sod that...

...just eat some proper, expensive, happy bio meat once a week. Don't be such a fucking purist about it. But spare the fish. Factory farmed salmon are a pretty miserable lot, swimming around in their own shit and stuff.

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago

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