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squeamish prozzies

I know this is really anti-disablist of me, no, anti-disabled or disablist, and I feel really guilty admitting it, but FUCK I feel sorry for those young girls having to fuck disabled people, people with their arms missing or yeah weird bits missing or know like some disabled people get really fat? I just feel really sorry for them, healthy young girls of eighteen, nineteen, forced to fuck the disabled coz they have no money....I'm a little bit against prostitution, well, I haven't totally made up my mind, but I'm a little bit against it. However, I reckon a lot of disabled people would never lose their virginities if there weren't prozzies. So I think a prostitute who works with the disabled should be paid like, loads, loads, loads more and should have the social status of an occupational therapist or something. That's what I think. And the disabled should be able to get vouchers from the Krankenkasse to pay for it. But, oh, those poor girls.

jacinta more than 9 years ago


Ha - the way to deal with all these things that uncomfortably reminded me that we're sacks of water, salt and bone back at Emergency was to meet the grotesque with civility ("Oh, putrid bandage - well, we'll have that fixed up in a bit...") or at least with routine. Makes you wonder whether nurses, first aiders and prostitutes are better with horror movies...

Mike more than 9 years ago

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