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Absolutely Fascinating!

I found this blog after deciding to move to Berlin on a whim, prior to this whim, I was here for a week last summer, and have spent a good deal of time in Germany as visiting aircrew in the last 13 years (now 'retired'). Anyway it's not all about me, I loved reading between the lines, as in, avoid moving to Steglitz or Charlottenburg :) And as a Scot/Aussie I definitely got the humour. Especially the the sexual stuff (don't Euro chicks have these sisterly talks?) Ti disconcerting that some of our Euro-cousins are slightly offended by your post. They don't apparently realise that we Angloanthropods can be -and ought to be- as self-disparaging as we are about others, all in the name of a good laugh?
How would they respond to the likes of Jimmy Carr, Seth McFarlane, or Ricky Gervais? Their tongues drip acid, and we love it!

Will Macadam more than 7 years ago


BahahHAHAH! I totally get it. There are so many that fit this bill!

But I think vulnerability is usually sexy, so he gets points for trying to communicate in your native tongue. Speak to your german hopeful in deutsch and maybe he'll get the hint...

charlotte more than 7 years ago


I mean the germans are NOT particularly tolerant about their language and accents (just look at the jobs advertisments: "nur Akzentfreideutsch Leute bitte"), so why shouldn't they get a little taste of their own medicine. The blog is a little tasteless but fair.

eduardo more than 7 years ago


I love your column. It makes me laugh. Sorry that some people don't understand it's supposed to be funny.

Shaunessy more than 7 years ago

strange values, there

This could have been interesting - yes, I agree that German accent in English sounds awful. The funny thing is: German accent in Swedish sounds very good, even sexy, very strange phenomenon.

But what I found rather unnerving in your article was the pejorative references to "effeminate", "small cock", "unmanly" and all that crap.

As the Germans say: Hallo geht's noch ! ? !

not german more than 7 years ago

What a great person you must be

Is this article supposed to be funny? Or intelligently written? What on earth?

Jane more than 7 years ago

Really? You're that fucking shallow?

This is the stupidest thing I ever heard, and I do hope this guy reads this and dumps your friend's sorry ass for it. Why bother then?

King of Neukölln more than 7 years ago


Won't say anything about how German men sound but goodness, German girls sound sexy in German. Dirty, smart and flirty. Perhaps the best flirting scheme is you speak to them in English and they reply in German? Like a maximum-flirtation tandem. Which is basically any tandem partnership anyway.

James Harris more than 7 years ago

It is awful

Guess what. It actually *feels* awful for me to speak English in a non-professional context. It´s like playing a role in a movie. Not natural, not myself. Nevertheless today we have to speak English everywhere, in any given context, so what can I do. Best tip for sex: let everybody speak in their own language.

Malte more than 7 years ago

Yes, we are

Yes, we are sexy Robots. We are the Future, men. If something rest, go back to the dschungel.

Robert Weber more than 7 years ago

in the Sous

Oh I think its charming- they have an accent in English that sounds very innocent and guileless to American ears, while at the same time saying something grumpy or stern- its a great contradiction!
Its like a nation of sexy robots...

t more than 7 years ago

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