Amok Mama: Hypocrisy and mendacity



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I'm sorry, blah

but my English isnt better and yeah I'm sorry I AM aware of it.
And I'm sorry that I don't exspect perfect German from any expact.
And I'm sorry that I do like the English language and the Exberliner.
And of course I'm sorry that I like this blog.
And I'm sorry that I dare to comment it.
Anything forgotten?
Just let me know. Thank you in advance.

H. more than 10 years ago


I'm tired of Germans with terrible English.
Probably because Germans expect my German to always be perfect.
H makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I'm sure H thinks he makes perfect sense. Sad, sad, sad.

blah more than 10 years ago


so many words and only cause you have serious problems with your identity.

But would it have been a German women who talked to you like this. Again you would have written about to be so fucking German, woulnd't you?^^

H. more than 10 years ago

This article

is just hilarious! :) Especially love the conversation part and the remarks about Turkish. Bir numara! Devam, devam!

Eva more than 10 years ago

wasn't it

more like "So viel Scheinheiligkeit und Verlogenheit war selten in Deutschland"

B more than 10 years ago


I'm going to use "So viel Scheinheiligkeit und Verlogenheit gab's selten in Deutschland" as my new comedy catchphrase for use at parties, on the streets, or in international schools. I'm gonna get stickers made. I'll be like a Harry Enfield character.

Konrad more than 10 years ago

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