Amok Mama: I LOVE Germany


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regarding the question in the teaser

"Why do people think Jacinta Nandi is anti-German?" I know, right? Just because someone constantly complains about Germany, stubbornly refuses to integrate, uses the phrase "Stop being so fucking German" as the ultimate insult on her son (!) who already knows that being called "German" is one of "the two worst words you can say for a person" and has a solipsistic worldview, that does not make them anti-German!!

Come on people, this is not journalism, this is brainstorming for poetry slams! So stop being so fucking German and stop reading so much into it. Sheesh!

Keep up the good work, Jacinta!

no complaints here more than 10 years ago


he's in Libya

Mascha more than 10 years ago

Where is...

Strange... where did the dude go who's usually posting her/his hate comments here?

M more than 10 years ago

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