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Accepted Practice

I'm not a native German speaker and -Innen isn't one of the hundred of so suffixes that I'm familiar with, so I had to look up some German grammar sources to tell what you're even writing about. Now, I see. Early in the posting, you agree with the person you're conversing with that it won't become accepted practice. I found a good authoritative source on late-20th-century and current German that includes the following: "It is felt by some to be a creation of great ugliness, but it is seen in respectable journals everywhere and certainly in many job advertisements." It's apparently illegal for the specifications for a job to identify only the male version of a noun indicating profession. Some may object to it, and the men doing so may very well have tiny penises, but it is an accepted linguistic practice in German, and expected to remain so for the indefinite future.

Although your premise that it isn't accepted may be wrong, I found the conversation in your posting very funny. A thimble-dicked man should be required to warn women before trying to get into their panties, and perhaps his objecting to the suffix -Innen is that warning.

Karl more than 3 years ago


don't be such a cry-baby, Raydoggy

Jacinta more than 7 years ago

Huge vagina

I think anyone who could write such stupid sexist comments must have a huge vagina, you know, the ones that you can't even feel the sides, the big wide open vaginas that spoil the whole night for men, I think the law should make it compulsory for the owners of huge vaginas to warn their pick-ups about how disappointed they are going to be.

Raydoggy more than 7 years ago

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