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fuckin weapons.

Peacelova more than 9 years ago

Am I...

Good lord, I am beginning to consider THIS hilariously funny! Is it time to move back to Berlin, yet?

P.S.: How about one on German vs. UK cooking/food next time, Jacinta!

Mike more than 9 years ago

On the note of item 2)...

Unfortunately, very true. Witnessed that with a friend-of-a-friend who – and please believe me – is a literate, intelligent and very loving father, yet still insisted on calling his daughter “Wo ist mein kleines Stinkefoetzchen?” – to the child’s utmost delight (which translates to something approaching “Where is my little smelly gash-y?”)! Half of the SBahn didn’t know where to look. I do hope that everyone present filed that away as one of Berlin's incoherent VBB-encounters.

Mike more than 9 years ago

my favourite

I liked the one who said, "Please stop filling our mental environment with this." Sounded like he was seriously mental. Like he was crying into his soup.

Benjamin Knight more than 9 years ago

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