Amok Mama: It's in his kiss




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Wedding created a safer world!!!

Apparently the US decided to sort out Bin Laden while the world's media was pre-occupied with the wedding. Jacinta, I do hope you've not been fantasising about the AK47 Bin Laden might have secreted under his nighty - did you have a secret crush on him and his Mona Lisa Smile. The other good(?) thing about this wedding was that all the under class, mainly, behaved itself for the day otherwise their grannies would have killed them!

amoks old teacher more than 10 years ago

The one thing Jacinta might not be completely right about...

There is plenty of slavery in our postmodern world - waitresses without a sufficient wage, butt-kissing for tips, asparagus-harvesters from Ukraine living in wooden trailers, "security"-guards spending nights in mindless think-tank-buildings for less than 4 Euros per hour, wifes with asshole-from-hell husbands, and so on. I bet you they'd all swap in a blink with the Duchess from Middleearth.

Jakob more than 10 years ago


Ham-fisted as usual, A. Mama!

christ, the gay muslim jew more than 10 years ago

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