Amok Mama: Midwife crisis



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Funny to mention "Aspirin" and "bleeding" in one sentence – and yet so common.
Aspirin is by no means a "harmless" drug.

Moira more than 10 years ago

cabbage and butter


Jacinta more than 10 years ago

Cabbage & butter

Did you German midwife reccommend rubbing butter on your breasts and then covering them in cabbage?

Exberliner Mag more than 10 years ago


homeopathy chemists = weird

M. more than 10 years ago


How can you not hate chemists? In Germany they are overpaid agents of the pharma industry with a tight grip on sales of drugs as harmless as aspirin, which you can't buy without their pedantic "Beratung"about how many to take and when. Why d'you think aspirin's so bleeding expensive in this country, where, afterall it was invented?

Seymour more than 10 years ago

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