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Everyone's getting much more open about miscarriages now, in Britain too. I think we're in a transitional phase regarding miscarriages as appropriate conversational topic, I think it might be due to child mortality rates and that, when more babies died at birth, a miscarriage seemed more like a stillborn/dead baby, now that's not happening so much, so it seems less, I dunno....sinister. I don't mind, either, to be honest. I quite like it when people talk to you about their miscarriages and stuff. But I hate it when Germans cry, Jakob. I'm always going on about Germans not having any emotions, but when they start crying I don't know what the FUCK to say, I'm really good when other nationalities cry but when Germans cry I just panic. I start saying stuff like: Stop crying. Please don't cry.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


Germans totally suck at small talk. We just hosted our son's 7th birthday party and during the typical pick-up beer (nice group, easy atmosphere, we were loosely waiting for the departure signalling first child to cry) and exchanging date of birth-stories (mine at 7 am - oh boy! he still get's up early, blah, blah, blah) she says totally cheerful, ostentativly continuing the small talk "Yeah, but it still beats a miscariage which I had last week. That really sucked."
I tell you, nobody waited for the first child to cry after that.
So weird! There was no sign of trauma or repressed wish of opening up, anything like that. Maybe I would have been polite to ask about her contraception, then again that might have been even more out of place.

Jakob more than 8 years ago

don't mention the war

as a male, i consider myself an expert on the subject.

personally, i'm all for more packaging on these feminine things. it's always a relief to find the little clear tampon wrappers on the bathroom floor or the massive "peel off this side first" pad-papers in the bin. at least then you know:

a) you can now mention the time of the month, the moon, or her aunt flo visiting without being accused of being an insensitive arsehole.
b) you were right, she was just pms'ing.

herr onymous more than 8 years ago

Sort yourself out ?

'That Mitchell & Webb Look' summed it up nicely:

Mike more than 8 years ago

I mean

I often think if we wanted to be proper feminists we'd just bleed onto the floor....And, yeah, it's crap, all that strawberry-flavoured tampon stuff. Plus those new anti-thrush ones, they're definitely bollocks. But still, I am glad pads are a bit more comfortable than they were in 1990, when I started my periods, I had to shuffle to school like a Bangladeshi beggar woman with a huge pillow stuffed between her legs, it was a nightmare.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Mooncups, mysogynistic?

Jacinta, do you have any idea how mysogynistic the sanitary industry is? Talk about punishing women for having bodies, you should look at all the toxic crap - bleach? rayon? sign me up! - they put in tampons and sanny pads, then think about the billions women spend on sanitary products every year, and the industry's creepy marketing campaigns that target women's essential 'femininity' (read: wear pink and smell like flowers so your boyfriend doesn't gag when within a 2 meter radius of your cunt).

I know this is supposed to be a humorous opinion piece an' all, but I suggest you do a bit of research before making throw-away remarks like that - or at least, give your reasons for making such an apparently, uh, feminist, statement.

Just sayin'.

Reaktionista more than 8 years ago

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