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About the bacon

What happened was, I had a half-Indian cousin who said that coz we were half-Indian, half-white, we had stronger stomachs and could cope with more bacteria and so we shouldn't wash our hands before eating or after going to the toilet and we should eat raw chicken and raw bacon. I was 12 years old. I did it the whole time after that. When I was 20, I asked her if she still did it and she gave me a dirty look and said she had no idea what I was going on it must've been a joke. I've given up the raw chicken.

Yasinta Nandy more than 8 years ago


You write things people only think and never say. I laughed so hard while reading this!

Also, very nice resolutions. I'd stop eating raw bacon too.

Mithila Borkar more than 8 years ago


I just laughed out loud on the s-bahn reading your blog! Everyone looked at me in disgust! So I need to add laughing to myself to my list of 'things not to do on public transport'.

Bob more than 8 years ago

I don't know what you're talking about

you mentalist

Love & Kisses,


PS Grüß mal Kareeeeeeeeeena für mich

Jacinta more than 8 years ago

A question remains:

Did you get this Jörg-fellow's permission to use his name as the person who advised you on not using Klarnamen?
Happy New Year! To Ryan, Rico and to you Kareena, too!

Jakob more than 8 years ago

good resolutions

I am on board for most of these as well. And I also like to think I have a very Peter-ish personality.

Tina more than 8 years ago

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