Amok Mama: Just stop being SO fucking German



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The best

Ignore the haters, Amok. Dead souls. You're the best thing about Exberliner!

Fan more than 10 years ago

amok mama

This column is consistently SO fucking terrible.

terrified more than 10 years ago


Swearing in front of kids.... Oh God. You shouldn't expect kids to be nice when you are using such words yourself.

abbath more than 10 years ago


Come, mama, stop being so uptight about nationality. He's not German or English. He's both and neither. He's a Eurobrat. He's the future. Isn't that comforting to think?

seymour more than 10 years ago

constructive punishment

Next time, turn the TV off. Punishing him in this way will teach him that he cannot disrespect you like he was doing. And be firm about it...who cares if he cries about it.

I agree with "German mother" wholeheartedly... but I understand what it means to hate the stereotypical Berlin behavior. It drives me to the brink.

Is there any Survive Berlin for Ex-Pats?

FU student more than 10 years ago

Amok Mama

Somehow I cannot see the funny side of this one. You kid lives in Germany. If you raise him with the idea that being German is as bad as the F...word how can he enjoy his time here. It is a bit like racism the other way round. Ok, mabe he just plays with foreign kids then but he will miss some nice German ones as well. Better make him feel at home here than giving him some strange thoughts about his future classmates.

German mother more than 10 years ago


how boring! same old story in every article by "Amok Mama"
(and as far as I can tell the German quotes don't all make sense)

Maggie more than 10 years ago

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