Amok Mama: Severe pussiness levels



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Thin Gwyn

You like em skinny, don't you, Maurice?

Mike more than 10 years ago


Oooh, I love Emma Thompson. I cut a picture of her and Ken's wedding day out of a library book once, and stuck it on my bedroom door.
There is one Gwyneth Paltrow thing I like. I read an interview with her and she said that she hated it when her daughter pronounced basil the dorky way. She said she didn't mind any other Englishisms, but she hated basil. Well, I didn't hate her for, like, 1.7 seconds coz I'm like that with Rico, too. I've always got a whip handy for if he asks for cookies. But I totally let him off zucchini

Yacinta more than 10 years ago


Hair and macrobiotic food are as wrong as anything would be on her. They're fine on other people. Except Emma Tompson. But I don't know what she eats, really.

Änne Troester more than 10 years ago


What's wrong with blond hair and macrobiotic food? How can you hate someone you've never met because of that. What if I said I hated you because for your black hair and poor diet? Yes, I am a fan of hers. But still.

Maurice T Frank more than 10 years ago

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