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little Typo

Fantastic article, thanks! Johannes Gutenberg, the printer, has only one t in his name, which wouldn't be very important if zu Guttenberg wasn't the name of a rather annoying politician...

Cosima more than 8 years ago

I'll call you Dr. Snarky in my next one

Well, I thought this was the best thin I had ever written

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Word Power

I think this is the second best ting you have ever written

Dead Soul more than 8 years ago

The new low

Journalists have ceased to meet with people or even just call them to verify a story in lieu of googling and perpetuating false information. The discrimination between a journalist and any other writer thus became blurry. It is now clear: The journalist will still occasionally google information whereas other writers can't be bothered to even google. Why don't you just rake in the big dough from "Ex-Berliner" and have your readers write the blog-entries?

Johannes or whatever you call me in these stories of yours more than 8 years ago

I was going to put the Socrates quote in

or some other Greek or Latin dude, saying the youth of today have bad table manners and spit all the time. But I couldn't be bothered googling it.

PS: You are being ever so slightly like a prostitute going "Well, what do you want to call me?"

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago

Old complaints about young people

The complaints about today's youth are probably as old as mankind. Socrates already complained that the students do not respect their teachers anymore. So I guess rock-bottom is still a long way to go.

Johannes or whatever you call me in these stories of yours more than 8 years ago


Nice rant! :D

One additional thing I'd like to point out is that most kids who write in that "awful" text message style are usually perfectly able to form complete sentences when they're not texting or twittering (two ways of cummunication that enforce brevity). It's actually a little bit like bilingualism, too, with words like "lol" slipping into everyday use of spoken language. In the end they are in fact able to communicate in more complex ways than the average person depending on the needs of the situation.

Nathalie more than 8 years ago

Das vs dass

Oft ist es eigentlich einfach für die Engländer, ne, wegen that/which und so, aber ab und zu ist es echt beim chatten zum Beispiel...."Ich weiß nicht, ob dass das richtige ist" oder "Ich weiß das zu schätzen" oder "Ich weiß das, dass du das weißt" oder so was.

Jacinta Nandi more than 8 years ago


Ich finde den Artikel sehr schön Jacinta, das (here with one s because you can replace it with "dieses or welches) wollte ich dir gerne sagen. Dass das ein Lob ist, ist klar, oder? (First Dass with two ss because you cannot replace it with "dieses or welches".) :-)

Bine more than 8 years ago


agree overall. not about the too hard bit. we don't have illiterate ppl because it's too hard. it's because we're failing them.

Berliner Schnäuzelchen more than 8 years ago

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