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re: walter's comment & berliner schnauze

The Holocaust that I think we're talking about here had a beginning and end point, a historical timeline, so yes, comedy can provide a role in how we process terrible history.
comedy = tragedy + time.
Maybe the difference is that rape is an ongoing horror, that has (as yet) no end point. There is no opportunity for comedy to alleviate the tragedy b/c there has been as yet no elapsed time. It's still happening.

dmachine more than 9 years ago

@berliner schnauze

I think that yr definition of Holocaust/Hitler jokes needs a bit of clarification. I don't think Holocaust jokes are okay. I can't tell you how unbelievably bad "dead jew" jokes are in most western cultures (at least on a mainstream level). I would be hard-pressed to find anyone that would laugh at something like that. On the other hand, using humor to deal with traumatic situations is another issue entirely. After some time, people use humor to alleviate the tension and overall fear people have about talking about such sensitive subjects. If a joke is aimed at making fun of Hitler or Nazi Germany, if it is done tastefully and isn't about disrespecting or making light of all the suffering and horror people encountered, then I don't see a problem with it. So I don't really see a correlation between rape jokes and humor dealing with Nazis.

Sorry, I'm not Jacinta, but

Walter Crasshole more than 9 years ago

what about hitler and the holocaust?

this raised a question for me. so if rape jokes aren't ok, because the victims suffer etc. why are hitler/holocaust jokes ok? I get the feeling they are, at least in England. English people taught me how to laugh about them, but on the other hand you could argue; hitler brought so much misery into this world to millions and millions of people, why is it ok to laugh at that? just a question.
maybe you can email me your answer?

berliner schnauze more than 9 years ago

Rape and guys as 'victims'...

Rape can also happen - and DOES - to guys too!

megacephalus more than 9 years ago

Fanny Fanny

Fanny Fanny Fanny Fanny Fanny.

Fanny more than 9 years ago

I come from England

cunt isn't misogynist in England, it's just the same as dick. Well, it's worse than dick, but it's still not misogynist. People even say it like how the Germans say "Kein Schwein ruft mich an." Sometimes.They go in a pub and they go "No cunt's got here yet."

Also, slut never used to be half as misogynistic until about 10 years ago. We used to say slag in England. Our mums used to say slut to us, if we hadn't cleaned our bedrooms. It came from slatternly.

All this slut-shaming crap and cunt oh, it's such a bad word, it's just American imperialism and I really fucking resent you for it, actually, like I think you should learn from us and stop being so rapey instead of being all precious about the word cunt, but also, yeah, when I am at some comedy gig and there's some American wanking off over raping a cheerleader or getting to seventh base or whatever and there are all these girls in the audience laughing nervously like he's mentioning period blood - like, oh, God, how embarrassing - when actually he is sanctioning sexual violence - I do think, I genuinely do think, that is what I actually think: you fucking sluts. You dickheads.

It's appeasement, that's all it is.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago


this article is a total failure. how can a female author take a stance against rape and still be so blatantly misogynist? using "cunt" as an insult? slut-shaming the audience of the joke rather than the person who made it? it's akin to the prevalent victim-blaming in our culture of rape. i can't believe the Exberliner editor approved this article.

Joey more than 9 years ago

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