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well one difference

that I forgot to mention is them weird rhymes they do for the Page 3 girls over here, those weird, slightly perverted/paedophilic rhymes about liking ice-cream and your Höschen just falling off coz it's so hot and that. Bei uns they interview the girls on current political topics. They go "Sandy, 19, says she's really proud that Britain has said no to the Euro. 'There's just no need for us to join. The government has made the right decision!' said the stunner from Wolverhampton." Plus, I hate to be patriotic but I think ours have usually got nicer tits, some of the BZ girls look well ropey

Yacinta more than 10 years ago

The differences seem slim to me

I see major similarities between the tabloids here and there: One is that they always attack people with an ancient morality that they do not think about applying to themselves and two that they viciously spy on the personal secrets that are nobody's business and then cry "freedom of press" when they are caught in their naughtiness. The freedom of press, of course, was never made a law to protect people to take pictures of others peoples behinds. It really is an abuse of that freedom what they are doing.

Jakob more than 10 years ago

I love Hugh

Yacinta more than 10 years ago

Awright Mikey

Yacinta more than 10 years ago

Top piece

Particularly enjoyed this thoughtful piece, Amok. Did you see Steve Coogan's righteous outrage on Newsnight?

Mike more than 10 years ago

Jokers to the left of me clowns to the right

The NOTW closure really has been a bit of a farce. Nobody batted an eyelid when it was celebs, but dead soldiers/missing kids et al and everyone is chasing the editor with lit torches and savage dogs calling them out for their crimes. Sometimes reporting requires a sense of depth and cunning.

Unfortunately the tabloids and the broadsheets and the left and the right need a fair and even balance in newspapers - whether some like it or not. If readers were subjected to a one-view-only paper it would be nothing more than a state affair.

It is only a matter of time until the Sun on Sunday and/or Sunday Sun (websites bought 48 hours before the closure) surfaces in NOTW's place. It also makes the sale of BSB shares an easier transition.

Everyone reads the red tops, it is a guilty pleasure - they are easily accessible and found on most modes of transport on a daily basis throughout the UK: people just do not admit to it, it may damage their street cred.

Kaiser Sauzee more than 10 years ago

What did Watergate teach America?

All that country learned is that if the right-wing is going to steal an election, then don't pussy around and really fucking steal the thing.

Context more than 10 years ago

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