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On the other hand... wouldn't be a good text on penises without the word 'hardly', would it?

Jürgen, or what you call me more than 7 years ago

Yeah you're right

But I think it's okay, I think it sounds better and literally everybody says it like that

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

The Penis Blog

"and I didn't know hardly any Germans" poor grammar, Jacinta. I am trying to be a grammar Nazi, but I I think; and I am only thinking mind you, that 'didn't and hardly' are both negatives and therefore cannot be used together in the same sentence. It should, again, I think and I am only thinking, habe been; either "I didn't know any Germans or I hardly knew any Germans"
But nitpicking aside, you are as funny as ever and this is funny as a big and small dick contest;-)

Yu mi Stinger. more than 7 years ago

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