Amok Mama: The worst feminist in the world



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Please please please plagiarize me in your thesis! I won't tell anyone, promise.

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

and so true

Thanks for the case theory, Jacinta, you basically just wrote my thesis. Or part of the introduction anyway. You would not mind if I copied that, would you? It would make you a slightly better feminist too, helping a Sister out and everything.

anna more than 10 years ago

Feminism on the 'Islands'

To be honest, looking at the hoofed minotaurs - bull-headed with fearsome, knotted manes - humping their way through the streets of the cities in 'The North' (but not only limited to there), and their concept of fun, I wouldn't say that Jacinta is the 'worst' or even a 'bad' feminist. While new-age 'feminism' and the freedom movement happened to the the western continent (and I'm talking about 1970 here, not the suffragettes), Maggie Thatcher happened to the islanders. So I'd say: you're product of your mould, Amok. Don't sweat it.

Mike more than 10 years ago


This is one of Amok's best ever. I love the stuff about agressive and passive cases.

Matt more than 10 years ago

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