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Noam Chomsky? Phwoargh. I would

Yasinta more than 10 years ago

My mistake

Sorry, but last time I met Dan we had a barbeque at Camp David (nothing grand, just a small something for Michelle and the kids, Barry insisted I'd come) and since I might have had one too many with Hillary, the Steves (Hawkings, Spielberg), the Julias (Roberts, Stiles) and Noam C. I got a little confused.

Jakob more than 10 years ago

who's David Craig?

I don't know who David Craig is, but I'd rather shag Daniel Craig than Craig David

Yacinta more than 10 years ago


Such a nice setting! :D

Can I play a part?

Eva more than 10 years ago

Did you post any movie material somewhere?

Camera opens to a room with a bed. The airbrush paintings and the cheap sheets immediately betray a porn set. Close-up on YACINTA, our heroine. She is choosing from a catalogue whom to shag next. Denzel Washington, Justin Bieber, David Craig are all just pages to be turned. She finally slows down in the "mature women" section. Hesitatingly, she cant decide between Ursula and Angela. Both women with power and class and elegant business suits, hair by Udo Waltz. Finally she sighs. "What the hell, I'd rather shag Angela", she says. The rest is silence. Moaning, wet, close-up silence.

Jakob more than 10 years ago

For God's sake

C'mon, give the girl a break! First of all, she's not American, but English – and what's the big deal? You don't like her shit, don't read it. I've read a lot worse, to be honest.

Sometimes I like her shit, sometimes I don't. She seems to be getting better, though.
Take it easy. She's not the AntiChrist or something. She is one in a gazillion of writers who makes an effort to be funny – which is not really easy. Try yourself.


Eva more than 10 years ago

responding to my critics

The Easter bunny is not a hare. It can't be. The Easter bunny's a fucking pussy bouncing girlishly around a meadow with a dickheady basket man. A hare would seriously not bother with any of that shit

Yacinta more than 10 years ago

Easter bunny

Good point about the Osterhase, Veintcent. The Germans did invent the creature, after all. Otherwise, you're totally out of your mind. Good weather getting to your brain? Who are "native Berliners", anyway? The Prussians? The Huguenhots? The Sorbs? Bears?

Exberliner Mag more than 10 years ago

not for real!!!

This article is so superficial. Maybe cause the author is that superficial. At first yit's about "the" Germans" then about "the Berliners"...oooo yes they are all the same :D
@1.) Why do you think that all the real native Berliners are really slagging off the pavemants?
@2.) Angela Merkel IS UGLY. Not only her face much more what she is doing! And the real bad thing is that there are really that much stupid germans who voted her!!!
@3.) That is your scientific list??? BTW:The german Osterhase comes from the old germanic religion and is an animal of the goddess Ostara or Freya (the Goddess of Love). If your commercial Easterbunny is a rabbit it's not my problem!
@4.) ...just fuckin Tomatos....???!!! :D
@5.) Not all Germans, Berliners or whoever is in your stereotyped thinking is believing in Homeopathy from Samuel Hahnemann! There are even more who like to believe their doctors and the fucking Pharmaindustry (IG-FARBEN) which gives us contaminated food to makes us sick to make the next profit by selling us their medicaments to suppress symptomes but not to heal. You should inform yourself a bit. It's worth.
And if you don't know real native Berliners which become to extinct if you don't understand our mentality cause you surely don't understand the "Berliner Schnauze mit Herz" you really should open your eyes and your mind instead of complaining about people (Native Berliners) who make and made this city what it is. I mean...there must also be a reason why you are here, or? And if there is to much to complain for you...then GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veintcent more than 10 years ago


Hey @Berlingirl, you shouldn't complain: we Germans are right about EVERYTHING else.

Gerhardt more than 10 years ago

some of us ..

some of us germans might not know that the tomatoe is a fruit but don't you think that it is worse that most of the american people don't even know the wall came down or what the diffrence between east and west germany was. Why don't you point out the stupidity in your own country first.there is plenty more to talk about......

Berlingirl more than 10 years ago

Why stop at 5?

6) That the left-hand side of escalators are there to stand still on, socialising, gathering your thoughts. They are not.

BigBarn more than 10 years ago

About wrong things

@ mike ...then is noting wrong with the way those girls are dressed ... they at least made an effort. It is just awful how most Berlin women dress.

Niall O Hara more than 10 years ago

Uh huh

Issues that NEEDED addressing

Berliner more than 10 years ago


i dont remember when for the last time ive red something so not entertaining like this thing above.

ttir more than 10 years ago

Wrong things:

Just saying...

Mike more than 10 years ago

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