Amok Mama: Three and a half hours



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For your pharmacopeia

The female Viagra's name is: Viagra (works supposedly just as well for women). Rohypnol and other date-rape-drugs is for sick "men" who had just enough money for the knock-out-pills and were a quid short for the rubber doll. "Performance" and "enhancement" are no issues for such nutcases. It should rather be "castration" and "flagellation".

Jakob more than 10 years ago


Hey there's loads of them, actually. Check out and if you send me your mail address, I'll put you on Fiona Mizani's English-language literary list. I like how one person asked about the porn and one person asked about the readings.

PS: @Jakob, have they invented a female viagra yet? Or is that just rohypnol? That's all they need to do, golden anniversary, stock up on sex drugs and lock themselves in a hotel room for two weeks

Jacinta more than 10 years ago


where do you find all these english reading?

j more than 10 years ago


er, your forgot to share your youporn link

EF more than 10 years ago

Ambiguous figure

Isn't a kind of bad compliment for the woman if it takes the man more than three hours to come? Maybe when they had just met he would stain his pants as soon as he thought of her and now he is challenging the dermatologic well-being of his member for just about the same. At their golden anniversary they will have to take the week off and be intravenously fed just to survive the long haul.

Jakob more than 10 years ago

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