Amok Mama: Understanding your German friends



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brain damage

you'll understand them once they have turned you into them. The German zombies are out for your brains!

S. more than 10 years ago


columnist Harald Martenstein had a good comment on the whole affair on Sunday:
He's German, by the way.

Änne more than 10 years ago

I don't think...

I don't think that's a purely German condition, Nancy.

Walter Crasshole more than 10 years ago

No big surprise

that so many German men don't have a problem with rape, statutory or otherwise. Women in the workplace piss them off, too.

Nancy more than 10 years ago


Is it maybe a sense or lack of 'authenticity' that triggers Empörung? Is Germanic (or maybe, maaaaaybeeee also international @Jacinta) indignation triggered when the gap between what-you-see and what-you-get just gets too large to leap? Take Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg; the bulk of the scorn was not poured over him because of plagiarism - a mortal sin in the scientific community - but because he did so and claimed to be the knight in shining armour at the same time. (Cat-walking girl-friends half or even a third of their age by the way is perfectly acceptable for Greens and SPD politicians, by the way. Still under-age is a teeny-weeny bit different, non?)

Mike more than 10 years ago

Where's the fire?

I agree. Big fuss over nothing. It was consensual, legal, both apparently in love, what's the problem? Why should he resign over it? And why are the press overreacting- shortage of good stories over summer? So silly!

Ellisa more than 10 years ago


Maybe u have just crazy friends :)

Florian more than 10 years ago


Maybe some 16 year-olds actually fancy 40 year-olds, oder? I mean, most 16-year-olds are just pimply faced, hormonal gits. And she's got no gripe whatsoever with him! So WTF did he resign? Idiotic and cowardly. Just shows how backward the CDU still is.

DSK more than 10 years ago

Your friends celebrated when DSK was released?

How, might I ask, does one end up with friends such as these?

Appalled more than 10 years ago

i don't understand

ok...I wouldn't want my daughter to be that 16year old...but, I also don't understand.
I asked my husband whether that was illegal or not and he said it is not. So...where is the problem?they were "in love", whatever it means. Just...I don't find 16 year olds that interesting. some are beautiful, but...they are so...well, you know childish.

Mari more than 10 years ago

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