Amok Mama: When in Rome, don't actually massacre Christians



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Just love it

what a hilarious blog. precise observations...

k more than 9 years ago


article, this one. I'm German, for the records, and I *do* know my neighbor's names.

Eva more than 9 years ago

Great entry

Best line: It can strike any of us, you know, that's what I always say, no amount of money can protect you from death striking when it wants to strike but of course private health insurance can be fairly useful.

James Harris more than 9 years ago

She's not mental.

She's just German. That's all.

Slick Jim more than 9 years ago


I'm with your mum on this one - I can't believe how calm you're being about this nutjob.
Why should you have to creep around upstairs like Anne Frank? Who the fuck does she think she is?!?!?! I would have gone mental!
Well done for not, though.

Liz Nicholls more than 9 years ago

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